Above is our grand-daughter Amber With Mya






Mya is seated above, next to Ryder, in the late summer of 2010 & below dressed in her witch hat for halloween

The Above Photo Of Mya (In The Driver's Seat), Callie & Ryder Won SEPTEMBER In The 2008 SSMF Mastiff Calendar Contest! Order Your Copy Of the Calendar Now On SSMF'S Website! Another Photo (Of Ryder Being A Lifeguard) also won for JULY! We are twice blessed this year!

Mya Pictured Frolicking At Left Above- With Her Pal Ryder

Mya was our beginning into the mastiff world. I remember going to look at Mike and Cindy's litter of pups'. Their pups were filled with boundless energy of wiggles. It was DELIGHTFUL!! Mya came to me and kept jumping up as if to say pick me up. I did and she put her paws around my neck and gave me a BIG lick as only MYA can do, that was it for me, from that day on she was my~girl (MYA~girl).


Mya is inquisitive, independent, agile and intelligent. She has the sweetest temperament. My girl knows no stranger, If you would come to visit, she would hold the door open (literally) and welcome you. Mya loves to learn and loves going to classes. When you say "let's go", she lets herself out and is waiting for us by the car. She knows treats aren't far behind and she is definitely food motivated! Mya is our mischievous one and our clown. She'll keep you laughing with her antics.

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Above is Maya at right, next to Ryder (left) and Cali (Center)


Mya still has a lot puppy in her. Sometimes she will give you this intense look and you know to "WATCH OUT!"

This is her signal of still wanting to be held as she was as a pup, with paws on my shoulders.

My big, little girl doesn't realize how much she has grown, and then she gives you, her big, MYA lick as only she can do.

We want to thank Mike and Cindy Partridge for entrusting this lovely girl to us, w will always be grateful.