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What Can I Say About Ryder? I guess the question SHOULD be, what CAN'T I say about this AWESOME boy...Ryder exemplified the character of the Mastiff. He was noble of heart, loyal and confident, yet gentle, good natured and affectionate. He was all HEART and had the courage of a lion. He was my confidant and constant companion. He was my guardian and protector. Most of all, Ryder was my loyal friend, my gentle giant that loves ~BIG~


Ryder's SSMF Mastiff Calendar Back Cover Winning Photo
At left is Ryder with his breeder, Gloria Cuthbert) n the winter of 2005 we left Indiana with our destination being Painesville, Ohio, Chuck and Gloria Cuthbert's home, "RYDALMOUNT MASTIFFS," We were so excited!! We would be bringing home a companion and playmate for our Mya~girl, a wonderful addition to our family. Gloria and Cindy Hollar's litter were so uniform, they were really "nice" pups.

They were such a delight! We visited for 3 hours. I kept coming back to the one pup, which was Ryder. Gloria had him as one of her picks. She knew I really wanted him and was ready to try my hand at showing.

This "AWESOME" lady with tears in her eyes, took this little guy into her study and held him close ever so gently. When she came out she handed him to me. My heart was in my throat at such generosity.   Thank you Gloria, for your loyalty, for believing in me, and building my confidence.

A special thanks to Chuck, for sharing Gloria and for always answering the phone, even when he knew it was me. ( I will never be able to say enough good things about Gloria. She is always only a phone call away. She is always there to listen, advise and share her knowledge. This lady has the patience of Job and has a Big heart. Gloria is a wonderful mentor and I count myself lucky to call her my friend.  At right is Nancy with Gloria taken on the day we took Ryder home. We love you Gloria!


Ryder's sensitivity to other people's needs is amazing to me. Last March we were at a show in Tn. where my friend Cat and Loucretia  (Pictured above), were showing beautiful blood hounds. Loucretia's R A flared up and she was unable to go in the ring. I held Cat's dog, while she was in the ring with Lou's dog, and Lou held Ryder. She later told me, it was Ryder holding her. How he sensed her pain and kept leaning into her to let her know it was ok to lean on him. What a special moment.

Our journey in the show ring began in May of 2005 at French Lick, IN. In the show ring, Ryder's spirit and personality shines through. His movement is so beautiful that it catches my breath. I had jumped in with both feet, with little knowledge of showing. I didn't even know what a stack was yet!  I just wanted to have fun with my dog, to learn and grow. Ryder was one of 24 pups that day. I remember when the judge told me to take him on around, the jacket to my dress caught Ryder's eye, He grabbed it and wouldn't let go. We kept moving and I kept saying let go Ryder, let go, but of course he wouldn't. I looked up and people were bent over in laughter, My little guy, what a show boat and having such fun. We didn't place that day, but were one of the last 8 standing. Not a bad start.


Our next show was 2 months later. We went to Owensboro, KY., with my sister along for moral support. I remember going into the ring unsure of myself. Ryder had confidence for us both! He gave me a look, saying, mom we will do this together. Now let's go and have some fun.. We earned our first points there! I was on cloud nine and soo proud of my boy!! Two ladies later approached us and introduced themselves.

These dear ladies, Linda Cain and Pam Dillon, befriended Ryder and I. They mentored me, believed in me and always encouraged me. They represent what values I treasure ~ Love ~ Friendship ~ Loyalty. They are dear, forever friends where time nor distance matters and that my friend is "FROM THE HEART.

In April Ryder won his national and international puppy championship. It was such fun and we met such nice people there. He won first in his class at the mastiff specialty in Denver this year. THANKS LINDA!!!! Hooray!!! He also earned his C G C and his T D I while at the specialty., Good going! Ryder championed in June of this year, not bad, for a novice. I hope someday to "PASS IT ON," return the favor, by helping someone new as Ryder and I have been helped.

Ryder has touched my heart deeply. It is hard to explain or to put into words. I love all my 4- legged children, but Ryder has touched my soul and created a special bond, sounds silly to some, but others know what I'm speaking of

I believe this guy would do anything I ask of him. He always wants to be with me wherever I go and when I come home and pull in the driveway, there he is looking out our kitchen window to greet me as if to say I've been

waiting for you...



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