Rainbow Bridge Page....

Below are Mya (sitting) with Ryder overlooking our property. They live always in our hearts and not a day goes by without memories and thoughts of them. Both Ryder and Mya were truly once in a lifetime friends who were such an important part of our family. We will never forget you Ryder and Mya...

Autumn crossed the rainbow bridge at 16 years of age but still too soon. We love and miss her every day.

Zach crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014 at the age of sixteen. He will forever be in our hearts and we believe he is also waiting for us 'across the bridge'. Click on his picture to read more about our beloved Zach...






Tremors has such a story behind her. In our old neighborhood, a starving Pointer in an advanced state of pregnancy was abandoned near our home . My oldest son saw her first and fed her. She came into our garage and soon gave birth to a 'boat load' of puppies. We cared her and her puppies- but no matter how much we fed her she kept going all over the neighborhood scouring and even brought cat food jugs home. She became the neighbor hood dog -but chose to sleep in our garage. We found homes for most of the pups and one of the pups, Tremors, chose us! Since John Paul and Chris were into wwwf wrestling, they wanted to name her 'Earthquake' after a wrestler. I vetoed that name so they decided an earthquake causes tremors and that is how she got her name! Tremors was our chicken dog. LOL! Though she was always treated very well, she seldom let family visitors or friends get near her unless there was food involved. She would only go up to her stomach in the water, was afraid of storms and fireworks. She loved to chase the geese down at the lake. When push came to shove we soon learned she was a brave dog too.  Alex our 3 lb. yorkie was outside on a tie out while we were planting trees one afternoon. We had never seen any other pets on our property before so felt safe in doing so. One day we heard the most awful sound and we ran back to the house to find that our 'chicken dog' was standing between Alex and another dog --protecting Alex. She was our hero ever since.  When we would have our nieces' and nephew over and order pizza,  she always stood between the kids and the pizza guy, to keep them safe. She was our sweetheart! Gone but never forgotten.

Tiffany, My Sweet Girl

Tiffany was our Scotty mix pup. She was so sweet-natured and kind. She was truly a happy dog. She loved to run and play with our sons and their friends. She was our shadow dog. Where ever the boys were, she was only one step behind.
I remember the first time we laid eyes on this little black ball of fur. We had turned on the street, where my brother lived, when we saw two small boys pushing a wheel-barrow down the street. We were curious as to what was in their wheel-barrow so we stopped and looked, Inside this red wheel-barrow were six black balls of fur. The boys told us, they were going door to door selling puppies. They asked if we would like to buy one. Well of course our sons' were saying "can we, can we", so we asked how much? They wanted $3.00. We picked out our pup. The boys told us to come back in two weeks when the pups would be old enough to leave. Then they showed us where they lived. Two weeks later we knocked on their door. The boys' mother came to the door, quite surprised, to find out, her sons had went door to door to find these pups forever homes.
Fourteen years later, Tiffany left us , losing her battle with cancer. We will always hold her in our hearts, remembering her sweet, sweet spirit.

Alex, Our One In A Million

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Alex left his paw-prints on our hearts, He was our Itty-bitty, doll-faced yorkie, He was three pounds of PIZZAZ, STYLE and CHARISMA. HIs proud, confident manner, made people take notice, where ever we went. Alex had a show boat gait, that seemed to say "LOOK AT ME!, I'm something SPECIAl and he was~
Alex was a 200 pound dog in a 3 pound body. He never realized his size. I remember one particular, Sunday morning taking him out for his routine duty as we had done for several years. Every thing appeared normal, then he became very vocal. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but he took off running toward the field. Startled for the moment, I hesitated, then realized he was heading for the horses and livestock. I never ran so fast in my life. My heart was in my throat. These little guys when they get fixed on something, they have tunnel vision, and he was on a mission. There was dew on the grass, so when I tried to go under the electric fence without slowing down, I started sliding and caught the fence and landed face down. To my amazement, when I looked up, all the animals were so surprised at my graceful landing. LOL. that for a brief moment they froze in their tracks, which allowed me the time to jump up and grab Alex. Then as anyone would, I looked around to see if anyone witness our little escapade... I'll never know, what made him notice them in the field that day, but needless to say he never went outside without a leash, from that day on.
Alex could always make us smile. When he barked. he barked BIG. We would get so tickled because it always, knocked him backwards. He was vocal only when he needed something, such as outside, up, down, or attention.. He had us trained well. LOL. Sometimes when we read the newspaper or a book, whatever page you were reading he would lay down on it. If we started reading the other page, he would move and lay down on that page. He was a character.
In the fall of "96 we visited our youngest son on parents weekend at Bradley University. Alex loved to travel and was glad to see Chris and vice-versa. Later we went out to dinner, leaving Alex in his kennel in Chris's dorm room. Evidently while we were gone, Alex began barking. His bark was always bark-pause-bark-pause. Later when we had returned, the resident R.A. asked Chris about his screen-saver that barked. We all looked at each other and began laughing.
We have many warm memories and funny anecdotes. This special, little guy was one in a million. We still miss him, but we will see him again, He will be waiting, in our, forever home.