Zach is my peacemaker.....this little guy is an old soul.

Zach is tender, loving, gentle and peaceful


Zach is in tune to people as well as to animals.

When you look into his dark eyes, you can sense the knowledge and wisdom he seems to possess.



Zach is so polite...

Zach loves to go bye-bye, camp, hike and go through any drive-thru. Zach is happiest when he is with our pack, whether showing off how he can throw his mastiff size Nyla- bone in the air and fetch it back, to lovingly licking Mya or Ryder's flews and licking Autumn's face.  

Above is Zach (right) with Autumn (left)

I remember one time we were visiting our son and his wife in Rantoul, Il. They have one of Autumn and Zach's pups, Mr. Lance. Lance and Autumn are both Alpha dogs. They both love to fetch. One day while visiting, everyone was taking turns throwing the toy.  Well needless to say neither of them like to lose, which finally ended in a slight disagreement between them. To our surprise, Zach ended the disagreement. He jumped down off the couch and grabbed the toy and held a Vulcan death grip on it and would not release the toy for any dog or any body, and fell asleep with it still in his mouth.

Great wisdom in a little package, my buddy,



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