Autumn is our Alpha-Dog. Autumn is six pounds of DYN-O-MITE! She is energetic, out going and fearless... She can be a "foo-foo dog at times, but loves to hike, explore and be adventurous. She loves to meet new people and animals and she THINKS everyone wants to meet her as well... Autumn had several litters, she was an awesome MOM! She was tender, loving and patient. She taught them how to socialize, play and always kept her pups in line like a good mother should. Pictured at right is Ryder, Zach and Autumn (from left to right.)

Autumn is brave and loyal. We were camping four years ago in Brown County. We were walking back to our camp site when all of a sudden Autumn ran out in front of me, causing me to stop. Autumn let out a loud cry, she had been bitten by a copperhead! If Autumn hadn't run out in front of me at that moment , I would have actually been the one bitten. The park ranger called the nearest veterinarian who instructed us to give Autumn Benadryl, every hour on the hour to keep her throat from closing off, and he would see her the following day. She did make it through that night- I stayed up with her soothing her and giving the medication hourly. The next day the vet examined Autumn- he was very gentle with her-  gave her a steroid shot, an antibiotic shot and ten days worth of antibiotics. And after all of this, he only charged us $10.00 What a vet! And what a big Dog in a little body!! My little Heroine!


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